Reflections in the midst of a storm

Usually, when a storm is coming, you may get a heads up because you will see signs leading to its arrival. Meanwhile, there are storms that come with no warning at all. They get you unprepared and may leave you high and dry. It’s quite uncommon but probable that people have reflections in the midst of a storm. Well, you’re going to have one today.

When I got this topic while reading my Bible, it was unexpected. I had a nudge to write in my book: Reflections in the midst of a storm. It was definitely before any of these current situations but in the COVID-19 season. I thought it would be about COVID-19 but there were other storms brewing already: Racism, Rape, Police Brutality and a lot others.

How are you? Are you doing well? Could you take a social media break in these past 2 weeks or you out-rightly avoided your phone? Did you lose a loved one? Or someone related to someone you know? (Read how to deal with Grief here)

Did you cancel your plans due to COVID-19? Did you feel sad about it? I know I’m asking a lot of questions but I actually want to know. I’ve been at this point and I’m still trying to move past it, there was a point where I took it to God because He knows why, how and what. (Read Prayer here)

I apologise in advance if Reflections in the midst of a storm is a little bit touchy for you. At some point, you and I need to have this conversation and if you know the workings of the Holy Spirit, He’s decided that Sunday morning between 5 and 6 am is the best time to pen it down. Are you ready?


My earliest memory of reflections comes from my secondary school. It was mandatory to have reflections in silence every evening if time permits. It was always intriguing what came to mind, events I didn’t pay attention to while I moved past the day in a hurry.

Have you ever had a reflection? No, I don’t mean looking at your self in the mirror reflection, you’re definitely made in the image of God. This reflection is what you do when you assess how far you have come or better still, what you’re willing to do to become better.

Not a lot of people reflect on their actions due to the busyness of their fast paced lives, it’s not an excuse. You and I need to reflect or as one of my acquaintances says “Go back to the drawing board”. Will you take out time to reflect on the actions surrounding you and your life today?

Will you make it a habit to have reflections on the actions you take and the consequences they may bring? Well you should because we probably wouldn’t have to deal with these issues if people reflected on their actions.

Reflections in the midst of a storm


Do you remember Mark 4:37-40 where there was a storm? The disciples were so scared, while Jesus slept. It was funny to see that only one person had complete rest during that period.

The aftermaths of storms aren’t pretty, it takes building up and proper planning to make it work. Nothing ever remains the same, you always have to adapt a new method of normal. In this case, when this storm is over, you and I will be participating in the “new normal”.

All the observations and solutions to prevent a storm this huge will be put in place. Some people would have reflections about the causes and what could have prevented it, trying to notice where it all went wrong.

It’s only normal that during this storm, we reside in our hope Jesus. It’s only in Jesus that you and I can have rest in this season, that is after we’ve played our own part. Your part can be keeping the safety regulations or not keeping silent when you should speak up.

‘Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, โ€œPeace, be still!โ€ And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. But He said to them, โ€œWhy are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?โ€

Mark 4:39-40

This storm is a particular reminder that the end will come when only Jesus will matter. How did you live, Did you know Jesus, Did you have a relationship with Him? All of these will matter, nothing else. While you focus on this, don’t forget to be obedient to the laws and speak up if it isn’t good for you or anyone else.

Reflections in the midst of a storm

Psalm 30:5 says “Weeping may endure in the night but Joy comes in the morning”. This storm currently happening will pass but before it does, have you reflected on how you want to change after experiencing this?

I don’t know about you but I’ve had my fair share of reflections in the midst of this storm. Although not all nice and rosy, I’ve learnt a few things that I’d like to adapt even when this is over.

Lives were lost, Home offices took preeminence, Churches closed, Jobs lost and Family became more important. In the midst of all of these trials, I grew closer to God. I could spend more time with His word if I chose to.

At first, it may look all dark and cloudy but if you think about it, you aren’t dead. You have life and you can change whatever you don’t want. It’s all a choice; to look at the good or focus on the bad. What are you going to go with? (Read Gratitude in Growth here)

The days may have moved slowly for you or not, How did you spend it? After spending approximately 2 months in a lockdown, I can say that I tried to keep busy for the most part. I was left alone with my thoughts and work, It was a revelation for me.

Are you scared of being left alone with your thoughts? Have you ever reflected on the why? Now is the perfect time for a reflection in the midst of this storm. Before you go back to your fast paced life, what were the most important things you learnt? What are you willing to adapt from this period?

May God grant you the grace to be strengthened even when it looks cloudy. Please kindly leave a comment with your various reflections that you’d like to share with me and others. Thank you!!


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