• #EndSARS

    Securing the Revival: The extraordinary courage of the Nigerian Youths

    Dear Reader, what a time to be alive! In a few of my past articles, I have mentioned that I’m Nigerian by origin. Some of you readers are Nigerian but the other readers may not be. As a result, I will enlighten you on what has been going on in Nigeria (#EndSARS). The revival we see is courtesy of the courageous Nigerian Youths and the faithfulness of God. #EndSARS In 1992, SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) started operations. The officials of this unit had previously been authorised to dress in mufti outfits for their activities. However, this same unit responsible for the safety of the Nigerian citizen has continuously abused their…

  • Faith

    Will you stand in the gap?

    On August 5th, precisely 1 day after the port explosion in Lebanon, my friend Nike (pronounced Ni – ke) invited me to join a WhatsApp group. The purpose of the group was to stand in the gap for Lebanon through their trying times. Honestly, I didn’t know something like that could ever exists. Have you ever seen young people gather to stand in the gap for someone they will never meet? Really, it’s pure joy to see people who love unconditionally and will give out time to pray over others. Throughout the 5th of August, from 00:00 to 23:59 (Lebanon time), young people within various friend circles and churches took…

  • joy

    The Joy of the Lord

    Last year, my course mates and I were having a conversation during our break. I can’t remember what exactly we were speaking about but the conversation proceeded to Happiness. Someone specifically asked that I write an article about what happiness is. This article will be about the joy of the Lord with some references to happiness. In the article My Story, I remember writing about the meaning of my name. You should read that article if you haven’t. My name means God has given me joy in my native language, Yoruba. I believe my name couldn’t be more significant than having the joy of the Lord. Before delving deeper, what…

  • Life

    This is why unspoken expectations are danger zones

    Honestly, I don’t know where to start from but I will try to start from somewhere. Did you read the article I wrote 2 weeks ago? The Peril of a preconceived mindset is meant to be this article. Unspoken expectations as danger zones is my experience and what the Holy Spirit let me notice; you probably may have been at this point before. You never really know when expectations creep in, all you see is that you start wanting more from a person or program. It’s alright when these expectations come up and you are able to speak about them openly. The real problem is the unspoken expectations; For me,…

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    The peril of a preconceived mindset

    Recently, I was talking to a friend about relationships; she said something about having a preconceived mindset. Well, many times right from childhood, you already set your notions about certain things. As you grow older, they take form in your thought and decision making processes. Often, you find yourself taking decisions without thinking it through. What happened? How did you end up with a decision without considering all the available options? This is as a result of the preconceived mindset you already have; sometimes, you take decisions at the risk of peril to yourself. Peril: great danger or something that is dangerous What if your preconceived mindset is cheating you?…

  • Life

    The Original Outstanding Blogger Award

    I was nominated by https://blogitwithem.wordpress.com/ for the Outstanding Blogger Award. I started reading Emma’s articles last year, and I actually can never get enough of them. Can I tell you a little story before I continue: In the evening of Sunday 14th June, I remember feeling sad. I was telling God that I’ve been doing all he asked me to but I wasn’t sure it was making an impact on people. In turn, God spoke to me and said that it was, even if I couldn’t see it; He said to be patient and watch. 2 days later, Emma nominated me for this award. Sometimes, the results may not be…

  • Life

    Disobedience comes with consequences

    About 2 months ago, I learnt a big lesson, one I am now ready to share with you. Truthfully, I don’t even know where to start from but I will share the origin of this story. The story is centered on Disobedience. Usually, I am not afraid of the dark but in May, I found myself unable to sleep in the dark. If you are wondering why, I don’t even have an answer to the question. All I could understand is when the lights are off, my eyes refuse to shut. On this fateful night, I had a leading to turn off my phone light and actually sleep in the…

  • Perfect love casts out fear
    Faith,  Life

    The God I fear: Why are you scared of God?

    Fear means different things to different people depending on the situation. Do you fear God? Which kind of fear do you have for God? Positive or Negative fear? Positive fear is being in reverence and awe of God’s presence. However, negative fear is similar to a phobia: you are scared of God. Although unspoken, a lot of people are scared of God. There’s something that frightens them of the one I’ve come to love. I remember there was a time, I was also scared of Him. Do you remember the article “The God everyone should know about”? If you don’t, You should read it here. This article will be its…

  • Life

    The need to be heard: Why should I listen to you?

    Sometime last year, I gave a sermon at my fellowship about “The need for Communication”. During the time spent in the Covid-19 lock-down , I encountered the book of Jude. That encounter inspired “The need to be heard”, it gave me a new outlook on communication. I hope it also gives you a new view of why you should be selective with your words and what you listen to. In order for me to hear you, you must be speaking. If you aren’t speaking then I can’t hear you or even read your mind. There are a lot of things that go through your mind; things that need to be…

  • Reflections

    Reflections in the midst of a storm

    Usually, when a storm is coming, you may get a heads up because you will see signs leading to its arrival. Meanwhile, there are storms that come with no warning at all. They get you unprepared and may leave you high and dry. It’s quite uncommon but probable that people have reflections in the midst of a storm. Well, you’re going to have one today. When I got this topic while reading my Bible, it was unexpected. I had a nudge to write in my book: Reflections in the midst of a storm. It was definitely before any of these current situations but in the COVID-19 season. I thought it…